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Alessandro Schiattarella

Madagascar | Dance

November - January — Dance

2018 Studio Artist in Residence, Alessandro Schiattarella, comes to South Africa and Madagascar from November 2018 to January 2019.

Over 2016 and 2017, through exchange programmes between Wildwuchs festival (Basel) and Unmute ArtsAbility festival (Cape Town), artists from both networks and new contexts met, exchanged and developed new work and relationships. During this period, Alessandro came to Unmute ArtsAbility festival on a research residency, and helped to receive the Unmute ArtsAbility company members at Wildwuchs festival.

While at Wildwuchs, Alessandro also met dancer / choreographers Maria Temba (Mozambique) and Lovatiana Erica Rakotobe (Madagascar). In the framework of the European collaboration project called Moving Beyond Inclusion, BewegGrund (Bern) invited him to lead a choreographic research in Dampfzentrale, for which Nadine Mckenzie (Cape Town) of Unmute was invited.

Now, he returns to Cape Town, with Bewegrunds and new work emerging out of the work at Dampfzentrale – “One At A Time”. After this, he kicks off his residency. Beyond his continuing work in Cape Town, Alessandro spends time with dancer / choreographer Lovatiana Erica Rakotobe and her company in Antananarivo, with the intention to develop a new collaborative work. In January he returns South Africa, but this time to Durban, to present work at the beachfront Fresha festival, and meet and exchange with local artists.