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Serge Diakota | Residency

Switzerland | Visual Arts

April - June 2020 — Visual Arts

Serge Diakota

Is one of the artists awarded a 2020 Pro Helvetia Studio Residency and will be an artist in residence at Atelier Mondial in Basel from April to June 2020.

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Due to travel restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Serge’s residency will not be going ahead at this time. 

Serge Diakota lives and works in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. His multimedia art incorporates elements of painting, drawing, sculpture and photography with materials salvaged from everyday life such as plates, plastic tables and bottle caps. Serge’s interest in working with “trash” aims to give these discarded objects a second life by re-imagining them into something different and better than their original form. In his Serge’s work, pieces of plastic become intricate fabric-like material and broken plates become canvases. Serge has been mentored by Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo of Kin ArtStudio, and his involvement in workshops and exchange sessions at the space has played a role in the development of his practice. 

During his residency between April and June 2020 in Basel, Switzerland, Serge will work on a project titled Cohabitation. 

This will involve researching different communities in Basel through dialogue, exchange and personal interactions to gain an understanding of their lives, outlook on the world and place within Swiss society. He is interest to learn about peoples’ cultures, social and historical points of view and histories. Serge’s aim is to find areas of commonality among disparate people, like residents of a space. He describes this as “a state, a house, to which different cultures and people from the corners of the world can coexist together to transcend their social, political, cultural, economic differences etc.”