Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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These are our current and past artists in residence.

Visual Arts

Molemo Moiloa

Outgoing Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA) Director, Molemo Moiloa travels to Switzerland in June in the context of her new role at the Johannesburg Contemporary Art Foundation, a new private structure, to be launched in 2019. She will be interacting with counterparts from both Switzerland and South America, in the context of our …

June | Music

Lisette Spinnler and Julie Fahrer

Jazz vocalists Lisette Spinnler and Julie Fahrer will be on a research residency this June and wish to explore South African vocal traditions and engage with both students, professional and lay singers in the Eastern Cape sharing and jointly revisiting their own compositions.  They will be accompanied by drummer  Michi Stulz and pianist Sebastian Hirsig, …

May | Visual Arts

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is an artist collective founded in 2015, based on spontaneous points of connection between the practices of the two artists, Bianca Benenti Oriol and Marco Pezzotta. The duo completed their studies in KHB Weißensee Berlin, HEAD Geneva and Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan. They work through exhibitions focused on sexual development, …

Country of residency: South Africa

May | Visual Arts

Mats Staub

Mats Staub first came on residency to South Africa in December 2015 to investigate the possibility of developing a South African iteration of his project 21-Memories of Growing Up. During the course of 2016 and 2017 he worked closely with Maia Marie and Nomonde Mbusi to develop and present the global project as well as …

Country of residency: South Africa

April – June | Music

Cara Stacey

In 2015, musician, composer and researcher Cara Stacey,  began a project titled “Things that grow” centred around the idea of exploring southern African musical bows in improvised and composed communal and solo environments. As a pianist, bow player and composer, she hoped to understand through praxis the sonic potential of these instruments. During this Studio …

Country of residency: Switzerland

April – June | Music

Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper is a bassist, composer and producer based in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2013 he was selected as the Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz in South Africa. In 2014 his album Oscillations won the South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Jazz Album. The projects he is currently involved in are MABUTA, …

Country of residency: Switzerland

April - July | Visual Arts

Lebohang Kganye

Born in 1990, Lebohang Kganye lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kganye forms part of a new generation of South African photographers connected with the influential Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg.  Kganye received her introduction to photography at the Market Photo Workshop in 2009 and completed the Advanced Photography Programme in 2011. She subsequently …

Country of residency: Switzerland

April - June | Visual Arts

Alexandre Kyungu

Alexandre Kyungu lives and works in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa. Working in association with Kin Art Studio (KAS) Kyungu combines painting, drawing, sculpture and installation in his practice as an artist. His work is built around questions related to the urban …

Country of residency: Switzerland

February | Multi-Disciplinary

Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Club creative director Jamal Nxedlana and editor Christa Dee will be on a research residency in  Zurich and Lausanne, this February. Bubblegum Club is seeking to expose them selves to the arts and youth culture scene in Switzerland and meet with practitioners especially those in visual arts, music, performance, fashion and publishing. Having been …

March 2018 | Dance

Jeremy Nedd

Jeremy Nedd was awarded residency in South Africa in 2017, through a partnership with Atelier Mondial and Theatre Roxy, both in Basel.  He is interested in exploring the relationship with audience and communal acts of art making and practising, with a particular focus on Pantsula dance.  He comes initially in March 2018 in an exploratory …

Anelisa Stuurman

Stuurman will use her time in Switzerland, in-between performing PINK MONEY, to engage with the Basel music and performance scene, during a two-week explorative research residency. Stuurman goes by the stage name Annalyzer and describes herself as a musician, vocalist and performer, and has been making an impact in the spoken word and hip hop …

Jan 15 – Feb 27 2018 | Dance

Thabiso Pule

Dance Studio residency for 2018 awardee, Thabiso Pule goes to Geneva with South African dancer Tshireletso Molambo, to develop his work SAY IT LIKE IT IS!  with Gilles Jobin at his studios.  SAY IT LIKE IT IS!  has been invited to preview as ‘a work in progress’ at Antigel festival 2018. Pule is a dancer, …

17 Feb to 18 March | Dance

Fana Tshabalala and Vladimir Ippolitov

Choreographer Fana Tshabalala and dancer, Vladimir Ippolitov will be presenting the collaborative dance piece Men at Dance Umbrella 2018 this March. The two met  in South Africa during the Swiss Embassy supported tour of the Geneva Ballet in 2015, and worked together at the High Five project which PHJHB supported, as part of the Geneva …

Visual Arts

Lilian Beidler

Swiss artist, musician, performer and  composer Lilian  Beidler will be in Lesotho this Jan/Feb, researching the role of Switzerland in colonialism with a special focus on the role of women, post-colonialism, the heritage of imperialism, otherness and international feminism and how these topics relate to performative sound arts. Beidler, 35,  will explore the subject by …

3 weeks | Dance

Jürg Koch

Jürg Koch is a dance teacher and choreographer from Bern who works in the area of disability and diversity. Over his three-week residency in January 2018 with The Flatfoot Dance Company Koch will be teaching, choreographing and exchanging dance methodologies that will culminate in a performance to be hosted during a two-day colloquium. Though now …

Country of residency: South Africa

December 2017 - March 2018 | Music

Vuma Levin

Vuma Levin’s residency will be anchored in a collaborative project with Swiss guitarist, Theo Duboule.  Aesthetically, they will draw from historically significant, traditional and urban syncretic South African forms including, Nguni-Sotho choral and gourd bow song, Marabi and Ghoema, exploring the possibility of fusing these forms with jazz, pop, hip-hop and western art/classical music. Further, …

January 2018 - February 2018 | Visual Arts

Dana Whabira

Founder and director of the Njelele Art Station in Harare, Zimbabwe, Dana Whabira, will participate in Plat(t)form 18 – Forum for New European Photography in Winterthur at the end of January, as well investing some time in project research and network development in Switzerland. Whabira is a Zimbabwean artist, architect and cultural facilitator. She lives and …

December 2017 - March 2018 | Music

Vuma Levin

Vuma Levin’s residency will be anchored in a collaborative project with Swiss guitarist, Theo Duboule.  Aesthetically, they will draw from historically significant, traditional and urban syncretic South African forms including, Nguni-Sotho choral and gourd bow song, Marabi and Ghoema, exploring the possibility of fusing these forms with jazz, pop, hip-hop and western art/classical music. Further, …


Nadene McKenzie

Nadene McKenzie will be on a residency in Bern, Switzerland, from November 13th to the 26th 2017. The residency is in the frame of the European Project “Moving Beyond Inclusion”  hosted by the Swiss company BewegGrund. The residency will be led by Alessandro Schiattarella as a research process for a new piece, which will be …

Country of residency: Switzerland

December | Film

Rudi van der Merwe

Rudi van der Merwe will be on residency this December to develop a news piece titled Dogs, Maids and Lovers: Calvinia,  a documentary film project about heritage and identity. Born and raised in Calvinia in the Northern Cape, Rudi now lives in the ‘City of Calvin’ (Geneva) in Switzerland. Seeking to place his personal history …

Country of residency: South Africa


Siegfried Kutterer

Siegfried Kutterer will embark on a month-long research residency in Johannesburg,  built around his new project, Confluence III. Confluence is concept Kutterer coined to describe his project which combines European classical music with the music and art forms of non-European cultures. In 2013, he focused on South India with concerts in India, Switzerland and Germany. …

Country of residency: South Africa, Switzerland


Steven Biko Mutsaurwa Chisuvi

Rapper Chisuvi will collaborate with hip hop artists and activists in three cities in the region, working with Njelele Art Station, Soundz of the South, and United African Alliance Community Centre, towards the development of an EP linking the three contexts. Chisuvi is part of the hip hop collective Republik of Pungwe from Zimbabwe. He …

Country of residency: SDC


Meghan Judge

Traditionally trained in animation, investigative and visual artist, Meghan Judge, is currently nvolved in making space for arts outside institutional structures.  In her work, she is particularly concerned with the production of knowledge through the complication of historiography by way of creative interruptions and openings in the present. This residency provides the opportunity to deepen …

Country of residency: Madagascar, SDC

SDC, Visual Arts

Sabelo Mlangeni

Photographer Sabelo Mlangeni returns to Lubumbashi to engage with the lived reality of mineworkers from the Kamalondo neighbourhood. Mlangeni was born in 1980 in Driefontein near Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga. In 2001 he moved to Johannesburg where he joined the Market Photo Workshop, graduating in 2004. Malangeni is a recipient of the POPCAP’16 prize for Contemporary …

Country of residency: SADC, DRC, SDC


Christian Pahud

Drummer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer, Christian Pahud will be in Johannesburg on a three month residency where he hopes to create a mixed arts project based on the meeting between African culture and his own experiences and perspective as a Swiss artist. “My intention is to study possible interactions between music and plastic arts within …

Country of residency: South Africa

September - December 2017 | Johannesburg | Fine Arts

Denise Bertschi

Denise Bertschi,  will be in South Africa to develop a second edition of the project ‘State Fiction’, during the course of her residency between mid-September and mid-December 2017.  In her project, Bertschi explores “the notion of neutrality, as an impossible, fictional thought and the silence that the “neutral moment” produces; a nothingness in which I …

Country of residency: Switzerland

07 - 13 August | Dance, SDC

Ariry Andriamoratsiresy

Jary, is a research residency Ariry Andriamoratsiresy ,from RARY dance company Madagascar, would like to set up in collaboration with Mauritian artists in May- June in Mauritius (from 28th May til 4th June 2017) and in August (from 7th to 13th August) in Madagascar. The main goal of this project is to begin to build …

Country of residency: SADC, SDC

July – September | Basel | Visual Arts

Mitchell Messina

Cape Town based artist Mitchell Gilbert Messina will be in Basel, Switzerland, on a 3 month residency with Atelier Mondial. Messina adopts a playful yet at the same time insistent stance in his work and arrives in Switzerland in the wake of Go Away Mitchell a solo exhibition at Stevenson Cape Town. Of his residency, …

Country of residency: Switzerland

May – June | Switzerland | Visual Arts

Vitshois Mwilambwe

Vitshois Mwilambwe is in Switzerland in May/June in the context of a month-long research and networking trip, aimed at building connection between his project and residency space in Kinshasa (DRC), Kin Art Studio, and relevant organisations and residency spaces in Switzerland. Mwilambwe will also participate in the Kongo am Rhein project led by Isabelle Chariatte …

Country of residency: Switzerland

June - July | Lavigny | Literature

Vonani Bila

Author Vonani Bila will be on a month-long residency at the Chateau de Lavigny , a writer’s residency in the Vaud, Switzerland, located between Lausanne and Geneva. Bila is the author of five books of poems in English, namely No Free Sleeping – with Alan Finlay and Donald Parenzee (Botsotso Publishing, 1998), In the name …

Country of residency: Switzerland

June - July | Basel | Visual Arts, Multi-Disciplinary

Talya Lubinsky

Talya Lubinsky,  an artist based in Johannesburg, will be in Basel on a research residency for a month during June/July. She completed her Masters dissertation on the politics of mess and order as strategies of display at the University of Witwatersrand. She produced the inaugural exhibition, titled, “If we burn, there is ash”, at the …

Country of residency: Switzerland

June - July | Geneva, Basel | Multi-Disciplinary

Sugar Free | Pungwe Nights Research Residency

Zen Marie, Memory Biwa, Robert Machiri The Sugar Free | Pungwe research residency of Zen Marie (artist, lecturer and theorist, South Africa), Robert Machiri (artist and musician, Zimbabwe) and Memory Biwa (historian and artist, Namibia) in Geneva will involve archival work, staged discussions, performances and exhibitions concerned with “critically re-imagining and re-mapping colonial histories through …

Country of residency: Switzerland

May - June | Geneva | Performance Art

Albert ‘Ibokwe’ Khoza

Born and based in Johannesburg, Albert ‘Ibokwe’ Khoza is an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and performance artist. Khoza will be on a studio residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva, from May to June. His works continuously reveal and project a state of mind of a loner individual who is a gay man …

Country of residency: Switzerland

26 May - 10 June | Antananarivo | Visual Arts

Krishna Luchoomun

Born in Mauritius in 1962, Krishna Luchoomun holds an M.A in Fine Arts from the ex-USSR Academy of Arts. He lives and work in Mauritius. In 2003 together with some artists friends he initiated “pARTage” an artist led art organisation working for the promotion of contemporary art in Mauritius. He is the leader of the …

Country of residency: SDC

02 - 23 May | SDC

Stephen Biko Mutsaurwa Chisuvi

Stephen Biko Mutsaurwa Chisuvi is a Shona poet, Hip Hop artist and community activist. He is the founder of UHURU Network, an educational trust that uses cultural activism and popular education to advance the struggle for freedom of expression and social justice in Zimbabwe. Chisuvi will collaborate with hip hop artists and activists in three …

Country of residency: SADC, SDC

15 March - 15 April 2017 | SDC

Tawanda Takura

Tawanda Takura will spend a month in Mauritius making new work in the context of Village Unhu in Harare and pARTage in Mauritius exploring an ongoing residency exchange. Takura is a sculptor who works in assemblage art with found objects and mostly old shoes. “I work with old shoes because they have a deeper meaning; …

Country of residency: SADC

05 - 26 March 2017 | SDC

Sixte Paluku Kakinda

Lubumbashi  native Kakinda will be in Johannesburg to  work towards the development of a graphic novel inspired by the dense complexity of Yeoville, an inner city suburb of Johannesburg. “My Island called Ekhaya is a graphic novel inspired by Yeoville, a suburb of Johannesburg, reserved for and by jews before to become a property of …

Country of residency: SADC, SDC, South Africa

April – June | Fine Arts

Georgina Maxim

Georgina Maxim will be mining oral and dress traditions during her residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva. Her work involves the collecting of dresses and the re-enacting / re-imagining of their original context of creation and use, through the deployment of materials inspired by stories. Her time in Geneva will be used …

Country of residency: Switzerland

April - June | Fine Arts

Miranda Moss

Multimedia artist Miranda Moss’ residency arises from an interest in the presence of invasive species of plant and fungi in Switzerland and how these phenomena resonate with contemporary and pressing questions around globalisation and colonialism. She is interested in the idea of nature as a pure and extra-cultural phenomenon, and the ways in which landscape …

Country of residency: Switzerland

February - March 2017 | Fine Arts

Christoph Oeschger

During his residency Christoph Oeschger would like to explore the complex historical, political and economic threads that connect Switzerland to the ‘City of Gold’ through the medium of the precious metal. The residency will be a continuation of his work ‘AU’, which will consist of photographs and documentation in the mining, refining, jewellery, storage, technology …

Country of residency: South Africa

February – March 2017 | Cape Town, Johannesburg | Design

Lela Scherrer

Fashion designer Lela Scherrer established her independent studio in Antwerp and Basel in 2002. Recently, she has launched her own line showing the personal creative vision which has brought her national and international acclaim. Scherrer has in the past collaborated with companies such as Dries van Noten, ELLE, Walter van Beirendonck and Wim Neels. Her …

Country of residency: South Africa

February - April 2017 | Fine Arts

Nico Krebs

After working on a project that focused on the landmass in the East of Europe, Nico Krebs would like to explore a new part of the world with his residency in Johannesburg. He would like to continue his photographic, sculptural and film practice and focus on a line between the documentary approach and fictional story …

Country of residency: South Africa

February 2017 | Music

Leonard de Muralt and Simon Acevedo

February 2017 Leonard de Muralt and Acevedo are ChâteauGhetto and will be in SA in February to work towards their second album. They will be collaborating with Johannesburg based artists such as Gilles Furtwangler (CH) and Robert Machiri (Zim), among others. Simon is currently doing a master’s and his thesis is about appropriation, diaspora and …

Country of residency: South Africa

January 2017 | Fine Arts

Azu Nwagbogu

Founder and director of LagosPhoto, Nwagbogu will participate in Plat(t)form 2017 – Forum for New European Photography in Winterthur, as well as allocate time for general network development in Switzerland. The LagosPhoto Festival, is an annual international arts festival of photography which brings leading local and international photographers in dialogue with multifaceted stories of Africa. …

Country of residency: Switzerland