Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Artists in Residence

These are our current and past artists in residence.

February - March 2020 | Visual Arts

Dunja Herzog | Research Trip

Dunja Herzog will spend time in Lusaka, Zambia on a research trip to develop possible future collaborations with partners from the Copper Belt region.

Country of residency: Zambia

April - June 2020 | Music

Joshua Chiundiza | Residency

Zimbabwean audiovisual artist Joshua Chiundiza has been selected by Embassy of Foreign Artists to take part in an artist in residence programme with the focus Art and Citizenship: Looking at the world with a critical eye.

Country of residency: Switzerland

April - June 2020 | Visual Arts

Serge Diakota | Residency

Congolese artist Serge Diakota will be on residency in Basel where he plans to develop a project through his interactions and research with different local communities.

Country of residency: Switzerland

March 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

Mats Staub | Research Trip

Mats Stuab will spend two weeks in Tanzania to develop content for his ongoing Dead and Birth in My Life project.

Country of residency: Tanzania

March 2020 | Dance

Rudi van der Merwe | Research Trip

Geneva based performance artist Rudi van der Merwe will spend two weeks at the Ebhudlweni Arts Centre in rural Mpumalanga working with the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) dancers reworking his piece Blue Moves.

Country of residency: South Africa

February & July 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

Meloe Gennai | Residency

Meloe Gennai is a Geneva-based poet, performer, actor and advocate for minority rights. They will be on residency in Cape Town to connect, exchange and collaborate with other poets of mixed heritage and explore different histories and identities.

Country of residency: South Africa

January - February 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

AFRICA, WHAT’S UP? | Festival Residency

The AFRICA, WHAT’S UP? residency and showcase, co-curated by SHAP SHAP with CUSS and Tidiani N’Diaye, will once again take place during the Antigel Festival in Geneva.

Country of residency: Switzerland

February 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

Dominique Lämmli | Research Trip

Swiss artist, researcher and educator Dominique Lämmli will be on a research trip in Johannesburg to explore connections with local colleagues in the context of her Art in Action work.

Country of residency: South Africa

February 2020 | Dance

Agathe Tamo Djokam | Residency

Agathe Djokam Tamo is a Cameroonian dancer and choreographer with background training in hip-hop dance, which informs her current style of movement. Her work engages with and transcends life’s complexities.

Country of residency: Switzerland

February - April 2020 | Literature

Amin Senser | Residency

Swiss writer and poet Armin Senser will be on residency in Johannesburg from February until May. During his time in the city, he says that he intends to write a book about his childhood.

Country of residency: South Africa