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Stories from artists in residence

Below are our current and past artists in residence.

Applications for residencies in Switzerland and countries on the subcontinent for 2022 will open in January 2021.

November 2020 | Dance

Marilú Mapengo Námoda | Research Trip

Marilú Mapengo Námoda will spend time at Kaserne Basel in Switzerland meeting with artists and continuing a collaboration that began in Mozambique.

Country of residency: Switzerland

May - July 2020 | Perfomance Arts

Jessica Huber | Home Not Alone Residency

Jessica Huber works as an artist in the field of the performing arts. Based in Zurich, her work focuses on practices of exchange, sharing and collaboration and on how to create spaces where different voices can coexist.

Country of residency: South Africa

May - July 2020 | Visual Arts

Serge Diakota | Home Not Alone Residency

Congolese artist Serge Diakota will take part in the Home Not Alone residency during which he plans to develop a project about different Swiss and Congolese communities.

Country of residency: Switzerland

February - March 2020 | Visual Arts

Dunja Herzog | Research Trip

Dunja Herzog will spend time in Lusaka, Zambia on a research trip to develop possible future collaborations with partners from the Copper Belt region.

Country of residency: Zambia

April - June 2020 | Music

Joshua Chiundiza | Residency

Zimbabwean audiovisual artist Joshua Chiundiza has been selected by Embassy of Foreign Artists to take part in an artist in residence programme with the focus Art and Citizenship: Looking at the world with a critical eye.

Country of residency: Switzerland

March 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

Mats Staub | Research Trip

Mats Stuab will spend two weeks in Tanzania to develop content for his ongoing Dead and Birth in My Life project.

Country of residency: Tanzania

March 2020 | Dance

Rudi van der Merwe | Research Trip

Geneva based performance artist Rudi van der Merwe will spend two weeks at the Ebhudlweni Arts Centre in rural Mpumalanga working with the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) dancers reworking his piece Blue Moves.

Country of residency: South Africa

February & July 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

Meloe Gennai | Residency

Meloe Gennai is a Geneva-based poet, performer, actor and advocate for minority rights. They will be on residency in Cape Town to connect, exchange and collaborate with other poets of mixed heritage and explore different histories and identities.

Country of residency: South Africa

January - February 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

AFRICA, WHAT’S UP? | Festival Residency

The AFRICA, WHAT’S UP? residency and showcase, co-curated by SHAP SHAP with CUSS and Tidiani N’Diaye, will once again take place during the Antigel Festival in Geneva.

Country of residency: Switzerland

February 2020 | Multi-Disciplinary

Dominique Lämmli | Research Trip

Swiss artist, researcher and educator Dominique Lämmli will be on a research trip in Johannesburg to explore connections with local colleagues in the context of her Art in Action work.

Country of residency: South Africa

For the facilitation of residencies, we work with a network of organisations that can host visiting artists in different urban centres on the subcontinent and in Switzerland. We look to customise each residency according to the needs of the individual arts professional as far as possible. Residency applicants are invited to consider, but are not limited to, the below list of partner organisations.


Atelier Mondial | Basel

Founded in 1986, Atelier Mondial (previously the International Studio and Exchange Program of the Basel Region) supports interdisciplinary regional and international artist residencies and exchange through an adjudicated grant programme and in parallel with an international network of partners. The residency house aims to promote intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, and is located at Freilager-Platz 10 in Dreispitzareal, across the street from the Academy of Art and Design Basel and above the House of Electronic Arts.

Antigel Festival | Geneva

Since 2011, the annual Antigel Festival has taken place in winter in unusual venues and spaces in the municipality of Geneva. The festival features an international programme focusing on music, dance and performances with special focus programme platforms including ‘Africa, What’s Up?’. Antigel organises short residencies focused on collaborative production, feeding into the festival programme.

Embassy of Foreign Artists | Geneva

Located in Geneva, the Embassy of Foreign Artists was founded in 2012 and provides much-needed affordable housing for visiting artists and performers, studio, exhibition and performance spaces as well as an international interdisciplinary residency programme. Embassy of Foreign Artists accommodates all stages of creative production across disciplines, from research trips to presentation of finished work.

Gleis 70 | Zurich

Since 2014, the Gleis 70 artist cooperative has offered a live-in studio for visiting artists to pursue independent projects with the possibility of networking within and outside the house. Gleis 70 is located in Zurich with approximately 130 studios spread over 6 floors. It offers its members affordable studio space and the diverse mix of tenants work across creative and artistic disciplines.

PROGR | Bern

Since 2004, PROGR art centre has provided working space for artists and cultural institutions with over 80 studios housed in an historical building in the centre of Bern. The house provides a door-to-door working environment with public exhibition and performance spaces on the ground floor.

Residency.ch | Bern

Since 2012, the association Resiency.ch has offered an international residency programme for visual artists at PROGR art centre in Bern. Visiting artists are accommodated on the top floor of the house with access to studio space and amenities. Guest artists are selected by the cooperation partners in consultation with the executive board of the association.

Rote Fabrik | Zurich

Since 2008, the IG Rote Fabrik has hosted foreign artists working in the fields of visual arts, dance, theatre, music and film for studio residencies. Each year, three artists are selected from the Pro Helvetia liaison office network and one artist is selected by Rote Fabrik directly. With its unique lakeside location in Zurich, the Rote Fabrik is an expansive centre for cross-disciplinary artistic production and presentation.


August House | Johannesburg

August House is situated in Doornfontein, an un-gentrified area of the inner city of Johannesburg, South Africa. The building provides private studios and open-plan spaces to a diverse community of contemporary visual artists as well as hosts regular Open Studio events where artists engage directly with the public. Two simple live-in studio apartments are available in the building for visiting artists.

Association of Visual Arts | Cape Town

Located in the heart of Cape Town, the Association of Visual Arts (AVA) is a non-profit membership-based art gallery dedicated to promoting the discursive and experimental nature of contemporary art and contributing to the ‘open texture’ of the South African art community. The AVA hosts visiting artists from the continent and abroad within a nine to sixteen-week residency format with accommodation at Greatmore House in Observatory. A studio space in the AVA gallery is provided and visiting artists are supported in hosting workshops, performances or unconventional presentations. Local mentoring from university professors, curators and arts professionals can be arranged. Residencies conclude with an exhibition.

Bag Factory Artists’ Studios | Johannesburg

The Bag Factory houses seventeen artist studios, a lithography print studio and exhibition space in the un-gentrified area of Fordsburg in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Bag Factory is one of the original partners in the global Triangle Network, with residencies forming an important area of the organisation’s programme. Two studios are reserved for visiting artists, who are encouraged to engage and network with resident artists, host an open studio exhibition at the end of their residency and lead an outreach workshop during their stay.

CultureArte | Maputo

Established in 1998 by choreographer Panaibra Canda, CulturArte functions as a centre for the development of contemporary performing arts and particularly dance in Maputo. Working with a regional, continental and global network, CultureArte has supported the development of a new generation of choreographers, dancers and independent dance companies in Mozambique.

Greatmore Studios | Cape Town

Located in Woodstock in Cape Town, South Africa, Greatmore Studios provides studios for visual artists and hosts regular artist-led workshops, residencies and outreach programmes.

La Teinturerie | Antananarivo

La Teinturerie is a vibrant multidisciplinary artist hub in Antananarivo, Madagascar, dedicated to promoting contemporary art, exchange and collaboration between artists and the surrounding public. Is’Art Galerie is the only contemporary art gallery in Madagascar, and besides providing an exhibition space, hosts regular workshops, training and residency programmes. La Teinturerie welcomes visiting artists working in all disciplines and encourages networking, collaboration and skills sharing with local Malagasy artists.

Kin ArtStudio | Kinshasa

Established in 2011, Kin ArtStudio has recently moved into a new space on a main arterial route in the centre of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Previously a fabric factory, the new space accommodates more than 15 artist studios together with a large project and exhibition space, library and technical studios. Kin ArtStudio focuses on visual arts disciplines as well as other forms of contemporary expression, and hosts regular regional and international artists and curators on residencies. In 2019 Kin ArtStudios organised the inaugural Congo Biennale.

Modzi Arts | Lusaka

Modzi Arts in Lusaka, Zambia, aims to strengthen the local art scene by providing a platform for creative people – amateur or professional – to develop and present their work. The organisation provides space for exhibitions, performances, workshops and events, as well as training in western and traditional musical instruments and the visual arts. Modzi Arts looks to especially empower disadvantaged groups, specifically women and youth. Modzi Arts has a regional residency programme run through open calls and closed exchanges with partner organisations.

Nafasi Art Space | Dar es Salaam

Since it was founded in 2008, Nafasi Art Space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, has built from the ground-up a thriving artistic ecosystem of studios, exhibition and performance spaces. Nafasi provides opportunities for learning and collaboration between emerging and professional artists in Tanzania and gives audiences a place to experience and appreciate arts and culture. The Nafasi artist collective, which drives the activities of the space, is home to 60+ member artists working in 37 studios. Nafasi regularly hosts visiting residency artists from the region.

Njelele Art Station | Harare

Njelele Art Station is an independent project space located in downtown Harare, Zimbabwe, established in 2013 by artist Dana Whabira. Named after a sacred shrine and located on the oldest street of the city, Njelele acts as an urban laboratory that focuses on contemporary, experimental and public art practice. Njelele has a regional residency programme and professional exchanges for artists, curators and writers, concerned particularly with questions around publication/s, libraries and archives.

Nzango Artist Residency | Maputo

The brainchild of Matchume Zango, Nzango Artist Residency was built between 2008 and 2014. The residency includes accommodation for 16+ people, a rehearsing space, instrument construction and a professional recording studio in a semi-rural location on the outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique. Nzango Artist Residency offers a creative place and different cultural environment to professional musicians, students of music and lovers of music from around the world, where people can work, learn and develop their ideas in music; being, sleeping and establishing the contact with the local artistic movement. The residency also serves as a rehearsing space for dance and theatre artists.

The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative | Mpumalanga

The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) is a leading dance organisation in South Africa. Based at the Ebhudlweni Arts Centre on a farm in rural Mpumalanga, FATC is strongly committed to mobilising the arts as a vehicle for personal and social transformation. FATC hosts visiting artists who work in all art disciplines in a range of residency formats. Accommodation is provided in simple self-catering cottages powered by solar energy and gas, and residency artists have access to the centre’s facilities and dance studios.

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