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Guidelines for Funding Recipients

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Your responsibility towards Pro Helvetia

The project you proposed will be part of Pro Helvetia Johannesburg’s activities in the region. Receiving support from the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council in Johannesburg does involve certain obligations. They fall into two categories: you must mention Pro Helvetia in your communication material and you must supply Pro Helvetia Johannesburg with regular information about your project.  communication material.

1. Mention of Pro Helvetia

You are required to acknowledge the support of Pro Helvetia in all announcements and communication material relating to the project (programmes, brochures, publicity material, websites, posters, flyers, etc.). Should you not be organising an event yourself, you must ensure that the event organiser are aware of this requirement and are compliant.

With respect to the acknowledgement of Pro Helvetia, the following rules apply:

It is important to realise that Pro Helvetia is not a sponsor; it is supporting your project with public funds. We therefore consider it essential that the distinction be made between public institutions awarding you support and (private) sponsors with whom you negotiate quid pro quos.

You are required to use the logo and to place it in an appropriate position so that it is clearly visible.

You will find a list of logo options here

Please take note of the following:

  • The logo is complemented by a single-language byline (swiss arts council).
  • There are bylines in various languages, please select the appropriate one for your audience. The logotype exists in two different file formats: – eps-version: this is for printed material; it can be enlarged as necessary with no loss of quality; – jpg-version: this is for use on the web; it is not suitable for printed publications, since the resolution of the image is so small that it cannot be enlarged without loss of quality.
  • The logotype (without byline) must measure at least 18 mm horizontally.
  • The logo must be taken over as is. It may not be distorted or cropped in any way. Please make sure there is enough blank space around the logo.
  • If the printing technique allows, the logo must be displayed in its original colour (Pro Helvetia logo in 100% magenta). If magenta is not available, the use of 100% black (or 100% of the available colour) is permitted.
  • On dark backgrounds, the logo may be printed in the negative (white). In all cases, readability and sufficient contrast between the logo and the background must be ensured.
  • The background of the logo should be as neutral and monochrome as possible.
  • Displaying the logo on photographs or other patterned surfaces is not recommended.

Position the Pro Helvetia logo with the logos of other institutions and organisations providing you with support. The principle to be applied is that of equal treatment for all your backers: equal prominence in your communication material for equal support.

If Pro Helvetia’s contribution amounts to more than CHF 25,000 or more than 50% of the budget of your project, you are also required to acknowledge the support of Pro Helvetia in the texts of your communication material and in your press releases.

2. Information about the project

Pro Helvetia must be informed immediately of any substantial changes to the project concept or implementation as specified in the original application (e.g. significant changes to the structure of the financing, in the participating artists or the cancellation of part of the project). Changes may mean that the Foundation’s support has to be reconsidered in whole or in part and require the project to be reassessed.

Please inform Pro Helvetia Johannesburg about your premiere/vernissage/opening, or any “public moments or interactions” relating to or being part of your project.

Upon completion of the project you are required to file a detailed final report with Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, including a round-up of press reports, a statement of the costs of the project in accordance with the budget plan, detailing expenses and available financing, and documentation (programmes, publicity material, catalogues, CDs/tapes, photos, reviews).

Read the full guidelines for funding recipients here.

Should you have any questions, please contact Pro Helvetia Johannesburg directly: +27 11 403 1880