Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch

Regional Mobility Partners

During the 2018 – 2020 period we will be working with ten key partners across the region in strengthening artistic networks, the mobility and development of artists, promoting new collaborations and systematic exchanges among cultural operators within the region. We also look to open up new possibilities for exchange between urban centres in the region outside of South Africa and the Swiss context. Our support to these organisations is enabled through an agreement with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Maputo (Mozambique)
Performing Arts
Established in 1998 by choreographer Panaibra Canda, CulturArte functions as a centre for the development of contemporary performing arts and particularly dance in Maputo. Working with a regional, continental and global network, CultureArte has supported the development of a new generation of choreographers, dancers and independent dance companies in Mozambique. Our support enables the initiative Kanda Yetu, a regional programme of collaboration including a symposium, workshops, and the development and showcasing of new choreographic work through residencies. For more info go here .

Nzango Artist Residency
Maputo (Mozambique)
The brainchild of Matchume Zango, Nzango Artist Residency was built between 2008 and 2014, and includes a rehearsing space and since 2015 a professional recording studio in a semi-rural location on the outskirts of Maputo. Our support enables research and documentation of an older generation of traditional musicians and their musics, music creation and audio-technical workshops for musicians from the region, and the circulation of new music coming out of these encounters. For more info go here.

La Teinturerie
Antananarivo (Madagascar)
La Teinturerie is a contemporary art center based in Antananarivo. It aims to promote wider access to art through exhibitions and events, art workshops and educational programmes, artists’ residencies, an annual art festival (Festival D’Art Urbain) and continuous outreach projects. It is primarily a space for artistic exploration and presentation, promoting multidisciplinary approaches, collaboration and public access. Our support enables a series of residency exchanges in various formats (including ‘virtual residencies’) supporting artistic production, knowledge sharing, capacity building and the exchange of specific technical skills through Master classes, between Madagascar and the rest of the region. For more info go here. Facebook.

 Nafasi Arts Space
Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Cross disciplinary
Since it was founded in 2008, Nafasi has built from the ground-up a thriving artistic ecosystem of studios, exhibition and performance spaces. Nafasi provides opportunities for learning and collaboration between emerging and professional artists in Tanzania and gives audiences a place to experience and appreciate arts and culture. The Nafasi artist collective, which drives the activities of the space, is home to 60+ member artists working in 37 studios. Our support enables residencies and exhibitions of artists from the rest of the region, workshops featuring SADC artists and curators, as well as the development of the IT and studio infrastructure and financial management capacity of the organisation. For more info go here. Facebook.

Modzi Arts
Lusaka (Zambia)
Modzi Arts aims to strengthen the art scene in Zambia by providing a platform for creative people – amateur or professional – to develop and present their work. The organisation provides space for exhibitions, performances, workshops and events, as well as training in western and traditional musical instruments and the visual arts. Modzi Arts looks to especially empower disadvantaged groups, specifically women and youth. Our support assists the organisation to reach a next stage of development in the context of finding a new space, and to draw on the experiences and artistic networks of peer organisations in the region in developing a coherent and relevant artistic programme. For more info go here. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Waza Art Centre
Lubumbashi (DRC)
Since 2015 the Waza Art Centre has developed as an artistic resource and project initiator, speaking strongly to the specific history and contemporary reality of Lubumbashi.  Waza works with artists, researchers, cultural and social actors of Lubumbashi and the region in the development of experimental artistic practices, alternating between cycles of discussion and concept development, production and presentation. Our support enables the expansion of this working method with actors in the wider region, and two particular themes are explored in the coming three years: the idea of the City (from 2018), and the idea of the Popular (from 2020). For more info go here.

Studios Kabako
Kisangani (DRC)
Performing Arts
Founded in 2001 in Kinshasa by choreographer Faustin Linyekula around performing arts, the Studios Kabako are “a place where one works, where one is always searching for oneself and where, sometimes, one finds what is looked for”. For over more than 15 years, the Studios Kabako have been fostering the germination of young Congolese artists, dancers, actors, musicians, performers, film-makers, from training to production and touring, from artistic mentorship to technical and administrative support, building tailor-made long term support measures for the cultural field. Our support goes toward the development of new work through collaborations with choreographers and dancers from other SADC countries, and the exchange of trainee administrators and technicians with other organisations in the region. For more info go here. Facebook.

Kin Art Studio
Kinshasa (DRC)
Visual Arts
Kin Art Studio functions as a multidisciplinary international artists residency programme and exhibition space in Kinshasa, and as a platform for the professionalisation of the contemporary visual arts in the city and the region. Established in 2011 by Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo, the organisation has recently occupied a new space, located on one of the main central arteries of the city. Our support enables the organisation to launch an artist development programme, providing mentoring, residency, exhibition and market access opportunities for young artists from the country and the region.

Njelele Art Station
Harare (Zimbabwe)
Visual Arts
Njelele Art Station is an independent project space located in downtown Harare, established in 2013 by artist Dana Whabira. Named after a sacred shrine and located on the oldest street of the city, Njelele acts as an urban laboratory that focuses on contemporary, experimental and public art practice. We support the development of a residency programme and professional exchanges for artists, curators and writers, concerned particularly with questions around publication/s, libraries and archives. Our finance also extends to assisting with organisational development, the conversion of the residency space and documentation and marketing of the project programme. For more info go here. Facebook. Instagram

Savanna Trust
Harare (Zimbabwe)
Theatre and Performing Arts
Founded in 2006, Savanna Trust engages citizens through theatre and other art forms to advocate for their rights and transform communities.  Over the past ten years, Savanna Trust has trained more than 200 artists from Zimbabwe and the SADC region in various aspects of theatre and arts management. They have also produced award winning plays that have been performed locally and in SADC region. We support their SADC Theatre Camp, the Novel Script Writing Project, a Directors Residency and a strategic review process for the organisation. For more info go here.